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Venezuela bondholders inch toward showdown

Friday, July 7, 2017

Venezuelan AG’s Office Denies Entry to Official Appointed by High Court

The Venezuelan Public Ministry refused on Thursday entry into its offices to Katherine Haringhton, appointed by the Supreme Court (TSJ) to be assistant attorney general but who is not recognized by current Attorney General Luis Ortega, who recently named Rafael Gonzalez to that post. At the doors of the ministry, Haringhton said that she is a retired official with the institution and now has a “mission” to fulfill. “Here I am. I have a mission, a job, I’ve been sworn to fulfill it ... I’m a retired official with the institution. More than 23 years working here. I’m not a guest,” she said. Haringhton, sanctioned by Washington in 2015 by having her assets in the US frozen and being prohibited from entering that country, came to the AG’s Office accompanied by several high court officials and delivered a letter appointing her to the post of assistant AG. More…

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