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OAS urges Venezuela to reconsider its electoral process

Friday, July 7, 2017

Venezuela: the crisis at a climax

 “We take five days to make our decision and publish it,” said Maikel Moreno, President of the Supreme Court (TSJ), on Tuesday, after the prosecutor’s refusal to appear, Considering that the outcome was already pre-arranged. The TSJ wants to “cancel the last institution capable of defending people and demonstrators”, she told the press before the hearing, when Venezuela has been shaken for three months by a wave of protests against the head of The state that killed 90 people. “That’s why I did not go, I’m not going to validate a circus that will dye our history of shame and pain and whose decision is known in advance,” she said, Because “we already know that today will be launched the operation to remove me”. During the hearing, Maikel Moreno considered that “Luisa Ortega’s responsibility” was “ethical and moral”. More…

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