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Monday, May 22, 2017

Who’s Responsible for the Violence in Today’s Venezuela

All we need is a simple analysis to figure out that it is ironically the Chavistas themselves who are the main ones responsible for the above, who are fiercely rooted in power for a petty and unaffordable price. These are the people responsible today for promoting violence in Venezuela, without caring about who did it before. Don’t let them call themselves socialists! As these tyrants disguised as sheep have thrown enough mud at this beautiful idea of justice and equality. And not Bolivarian either! This wasn’t the Liberator Simon Bolivar’s attitude when he was stripped of his presidential title in Colombia by conspiring congressmen around his Vice-President: with a loyal Army and subordinates who advised him to take back control with arms, he respected democracy and withdrew himself humbly with his head held high. Chavistas are lacking in this patriotic, moral and truly socialist and Bolivarian way. The name isn’t enough. More…

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