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The key question is how to get rid of Mr. Maduro before he completes the destruction of his country.NYT

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Russian control of U.S. oil infrastructure feared if Venezuela defaults

A default by Venezuela could move the Russian government closer to gaining control of U.S. refineries and pipelines, two U.S. congressmen warn in a letter urging the Treasury Department to review the situation. The letter refers to a $1.5B loan that Russia's state-owned Rosneft (OTC:RNFTF) made in November to Venezuela's state-owned oil company PdVSA, in which the Venezuelan company put up 49.9% of the equity in Citgo Petroleum as collateral; Citgo owns three refineries in the U.S., and a network of terminals and pipelines running across 24 states. More…

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