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Monday, March 13, 2017

Venezuela's Maduro: Fidel Castro Gave Chavez and Me “Instructions” on How to Run Venezuela

Embattled Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro said Thursday night that he received “instructions” from Fidel Castro on how to run Venezuela. Maduro then said Hugo Chavez, his predecessor and mentor, also received instructions from the late Castro. “We received instructions, nobody denies that”, said Maduro, who went to a special school for Communist cadres in Cuba in the 1980’s for two years. The “instructions” pertained to “how to face down the international aggression” the Bolivarian Revolution received in 2003. During an oil workers-cum-general strike between 2002 and 2003, Chavez fired 20,000 suspected dissenting employees from state oil company PDVSA. He increased the government’s control on the economy as well as handouts to the poor in a bid to boost his popularity -- policies that would continue for the rest of his natural life and would only get deeper under Maduro. More…

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