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Friday, March 3, 2017

After US Senate Vote, Maduro Defaults to Familiar Defiant Discourse

 Embattled Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro warned Wednesday of a resurgence in “racism and xenophobia”, the day after the US Senate unanimously voted a resolution expressing “profound concern” about the present Venezuelan crisis.It is a familiar pattern for Cuban and Venezuelan leaders, and, in his first public speech after the U.S. Senate’s vote, Maduro re-adopted it with ease. “I am making a worldwide alert in the face of surging dangerous , segregationist, racist and xenophobic currents that threaten to divide mankind even further, threaten to fill the whole world with war. That’s why I am calling and asking for the Venezuelan people to unite, to keep on making the revolution and keep on defending our identity,” Maduro said during an event of the CLAP, a new government mechanism to ration price-controlled foodstuffs administered by ruling party PSUV militants. More…

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