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Venezuelan real salary has fallen 89.9% by March

Monday, February 27, 2017

On Venezuela, an encouraging stand from Trump

Last week's long-overdue sanctions were easy to justify: El Aissami has been implicated in the trafficking of cocaine from Venezuelan military air bases, and his installation as vice president positions him to take over the country if Maduro is ousted. It's no wonder a bipartisan group of 34 members of Congress urged Trump this month to act against El Aissami and other senior officials, who are vulnerable to U.S. action because of their holdings of U.S. real estate and bank accounts. The administration ought to follow up with more sanctions, including against generals involved in profiteering from Venezuela's desperate shortages of food and imprisoning opposition leaders. It should lobby at the Organization of American States for action against the Maduro regime under the Inter-American Democratic Charter. More…

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