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Venezuela bondholders inch toward showdown

Friday, July 14, 2017

Venezuela's fugitive helicopter cop appears at opposition rally

The fugitive police pilot who allegedly stole a helicopter and used it to attack Venezuela's Supreme Court has appeared at an opposition rally in the capital, Caracas, attendees tell CNN. Oscar Perez, an officer in the country's investigative police force, addressed the gathering, urging the opposition to continue protesting. "It's time for this narco-government to fall down," Perez said in video of the incident."A general walkout for July 18, walkout with no return. The zero-hour will start on Tuesday. The referendum we'll do it, with dignity, we'll be in the street defending the people." A freelance cameraman, who asked not to be named told CNN, that he appeared "out of nowhere" at the protest, which was held to honor Venezuelans who have died in the recent unrest. More…

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