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Venezuela bondholders inch toward showdown

Friday, July 14, 2017

Former Venezuelan Chief of Staff tells all at “ Voices from Venezuela” forum

Beatrice Rangel, a former Chief of Staff to former Venezuelan President Carlos Andres Perez has said that a desperate President Nicolas Maduro may well order military intervention into Guyana as a means of trying to divert attention from his internal troubles but not a single platoon of the armed forces of Venezuela will obey that order. “It is not going to happen, the military is too fragmented “ she said in response to questioning by former Guyanese diplomat, Wesley Kirton about such a possibility during a forum Thursday  here entitled “ Voices from Venezuela”  put on by the Council of the Americas. Rangel had earlier argued that the Venezuelan president is desperate and is being “propped up” by a number of international criminal organizations  including the Russian and Chinese mafia and the Colombian drug cartels which are currently directing the Maduro regime’s every move. More…

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