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The key question is how to get rid of Mr. Maduro before he completes the destruction of his country.NYT

Thursday, June 1, 2017

Venezuela's volunteer medics treat the injured in 60 days of increasingly violent anti-Maduro protests

Day after day, for 60 days, Venezuela's streets have teemed with protesters, some throwing rocks and petrol bombs at security forces. Day after day, riot police have responded with rubber bullets, water cannon and tear gas. And day after day, teams of volunteers have rushed into the melee to help the injured. In Caracas, around 120 medical students, doctors, and volunteers have joined a primary care response team known as the Green Cross First Aid Brigade. Founder Daniela Liendo says rubber bullets and tear gas can be lethal and the violence is getting worse. "Young people arrive with open wounds on their heads, lacerations, burns of varying degrees," she says. More…

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