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Venezuela bondholders inch toward showdown

Monday, June 5, 2017

Venezuela's Maduro Threatens “Constituent or War” as Cuba Sends “Military Doctors”

Increasingly embattled Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro threatened "war" Sunday afternoon with those who do not support his plans for a National Constituent Assembly, which will ditch the present Constitution without a popular vote. Attorney General Luisa Ortega asked the Supreme Court on Friday to stop the Constituent process, while it’s “clarified”, and said that no Constitutional power could place itself above the will of the people. However, the CNE electoral board, which is controlled by Maduro, is going along with the President’s plans. The oil-rich country is reeling from 63 days of near-daily protest against Maduro’s rule, which has resulted in 59 demonstrators and security forces killed according to the Attorney General’s Office. NGOs and local media have a higher count, estimating the death toll to be of at least 78 killed in protests, looting and violently repressed demonstrations nationwide since April 1st.

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