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Rafael Ramirez, former president of PDVSA, under investigation for corruption

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Could Canada’s Justin Trudeau Serve as the Next Mediator in Venezuela’s Crisis?

Peru’s Foreign Minister Ricardo Luna has suggested that Canadian Prime Minister serve as a possible “mediator” of the crisis in Venezuela. According to Luna, Trudeau could preside over the international arbitration commission to “preserve democracy” in Venezuela, proposed by President Pedro Pablo Kuczynski. Luna’s main reasoning for making the suggestion was, he said, that Trudeau is currently holding a “global power role.” In addition, the foreign minister said that “it is not necessary to obsess” over the idea that the Venezuelan crisis will be solved by the intervention of the Organization of American States. In his opinion, the idea of creating a “contact group” composed of several countries seeking to resolve the situation could also prove effective. More…

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