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The Netherlands warns of instability in the Caribbean due to the situation in Venezuela

Monday, May 1, 2017

Why the silence on Venezuala?

Venezuelans in Barbados stage a peaceful protest at
 Accra Beach against the situation in their homeland.
(Picture by Reco Moore) 
Yes, Venezuela has extended an economic lifeline to many Caribbean nations through its Petrocaribe oil deal. Understandably many of our CARICOM partners which have been beneficiaries will not want to offend Maduro and his administration. But Caribbean political leaders have a greater responsibility and it is not to let down the people of Venezuela who count on their support. Speaking out on the issue and taking a stand based on decency and what is right can send a strong message to the Maduro government. Yes, there is that other proverb which states that empty vessels make the most noise. Undeniably there is truth in this saying as well, as is evident almost every day.  More...  

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