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Venezuelan real salary has fallen 89.9% by March

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Venezuela's indigenous people leave jungles homes to try survive on the city streets of Brazil

Hundreds of indigenous Warao people from the Orinoco Delta have left Venezuela and are now trying their luck on the gritty streets of Manaus – Brazil's Amazonian metropolis – where they live in derelict buildings and tent camps and are forced to make a living by begging from passing motorists. Many have made the long bus journey from northeastern Venezuela to Manaus, a city of two million people where local authorities are scrambling to help them find shelter, food and medicine. "Everything is gone in Venezuela," said Abel Calderon, a 32-year-old Warao who is acting as spokesman for the impromptu community now living under tarps, tents and other makeshift lodgings around the city, some of them under a highway overpass. More…

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