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Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Venezuela opposition Capriles leader 'beaten' at protest

Venezuelan opposition politician Henrique Capriles says he and members of his team were beaten by members of the National Guard as they left an anti-government protest on Monday. "They cornered us, they beat us..." Mr Capriles said. "They robbed us all. They took my team's watches, radios, gas masks." A lawmaker was also injured in Monday's clashes in the capital Caracas between protesters and the security forces. Anti-government protesters had been marching towards the office of the ombudsman but found their way blocked by the National Guard. They threw petrol bombs and stones at the security forces, who fired tear gas in return. At a news conference, Mr Capriles, with a visible bruise on his face, said he and members of his team had been targeted deliberately. More…

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