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Tuesday, May 2, 2017

The Venezuelan Socialist Regime’s Toys of Repression

Military-style gear is one thing the regime’s never scrimped on. The trend started by Hugo Chávez in 2005 renewed Venezuela’s military gear, supposedly to prepare for battle against the countless imaginary enemies chavismo created through the years. But really, we always knew who the real target was, because it stared back at us from the mirror each morning. Initially, the Chávez administration sourced its war toys from traditional suppliers like the United States. But after 2006, when an embargo on military material was applied to Venezuela, Chávez started asking his friends from the East for guns. First it was Russia, later China. Some of these contracts were, ironically, signed by then-Defense Minister, Raúl Baduel; today one of Maduro’s highest profile political prisoners. More…

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