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Friday, May 19, 2017

President Maduro Threatened This Venezuelan Journalist on Twitter, Then His Passport Was Suddenly Declared “Invalid”

Writer and journalist César Miguel Rondón was prevented from leaving Venezuela, after authorities confiscated his and his family's passports at Maiquetía's International Airport Simón Bolívar and declared them invalid. Venezuelan authorities said the passports had been reported as ‘stolen‘ to the government department Administrative Service of Identification, Migration and Foreigners. According to the news site this is not the first time Venezuela's government has used this strategy “as a way to prohibit leaving the country”. Days before Rondón was prevented from leaving the country, President Nicolás Maduro threatened Rondón with prison on Twitter for his comments on escrache, a protest tactic recently adopted by Venezuelans in which demonstrators confront and publicly shame government officials and their children living outside Venezuela. More…

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