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Lima group to meet in Canada to deal with Venezuelan crisis

Thursday, May 25, 2017

On the frontline of Venezuela's punishing protests

It starts with a distant rumble, and then a chanted countdown from the demonstrators packed tight along the Caracas freeway. As the count reaches zero, the crowds briefly part, and a file of young protesters – faces covered by T-shirts or makeshift gas masks – rush forward to confront heavily armed riot police. Shots ring out, and plumes of teargas arch towards the protesters. Some shelter behind wooden shields; other return the gas canisters or throw Molotov cocktails. After a few minutes, the first wave returns to the crowd, coughing and spitting – and a new cohort rushes forward to take their place. After nearly two months of political unrest in Venezuela, a pattern has emerged at the near daily protests which have erupted across the country. More…

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