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Venezuela issues at the G7 meeting

Monday, May 8, 2017

Death count marches upward to 38 amid Venezuela unrest

The number killed in Venezuela amid mounting political unrest rose to 38 on Friday, as opposition leaders reported that dozens of officers had been detained for refusing to repress protesters. Former presidential candidate Henrique Capriles said 85 officers, a majority from the military, had been detained for “expressing discontent” with the actions of the nation’s national guard. Capriles said he received information about the detained officers through some of their relatives, who indicated they wanted their position shared with the public. There has been no independent confirmation of the detentions. National guardsmen have repeatedly launched tear gas and rubber bullets in more than a month of anti-government protests. Demonstrators are calling for President Nicolas Maduro to hold elections, but the embattled leader shows no sign of ceding to their demands. More…

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