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Colombia holds a key elections on Sunday

Monday, May 15, 2017

Anti-government protesters block Venezuela streets with horses, bikes

Venezuela has seen near-daily protests for weeks by both government supporters and opponents, as President Nicolas Maduro moves ahead with his attempt to change the constitution. "We are going to stay in the street, building a way out of the crisis," opposition lawmaker Freddy Guevara told the AFP news agency. In the capital of Caracas, anti-government protesters attempted to clog 25 kilometers (16 miles) of a highway that leads to Vargas, but police fired tear gas into the crowd about two hours after the protest began. The crowd then dispersed. There were clashes between protesters and police in other cities across the Latin American country on Saturday. Backers of President Maduro held their own rally in support of a proposed 500-member constituent assembly that would write a new constitution for the country. More…

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