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Venezuela bondholders inch toward showdown

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Venezuela spiralling into chaos amid looting, militarized police

The smell of tear gas and smoke from fires filled the air in several Caracas neighbourhoods on Friday after a night that saw at least 12 people die.  In the humble district of El Valle, people screamed, while the sound of gunshots sent neighbours and protesters running for safety Protesters are vowing to continue their opposition to the government of President Nicolas Maduro, after the deadliest day in three weeks of one anti-government protest after another. Among the dead were eight people who were electrocuted in a bakery as it was being looted. About 20 have died in the past month, most shot in the head. "This was like the wild, Wild West. During two hours we could only hear gunshots and detonations," said Ana Tiapa, 36, a resident of El Valle. "Two hours this lasted, then, you could only hear people running in and out of businesses; the sound of looting." More…

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