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Friday, April 21, 2017

Could a Trump Factor make a difference in Venezuela?

His insistence on contract enforcement eventually led to the bankrupting of Citgo, which had to take all of its assets out of the country to prevent Exxon from snapping them away as compensation. The media billed that as a failure since Exxon did not get all the money it wanted, but for the Chavistas, it was a fiscal disaster. After that, Tillerson angered them further by engaging in exploration contracts with Guyana, in areas where Venezuela has territorial disputes. They know that Tillerson doesn't back down. He's a scourge to them. And his righthand man is career diplomat Tom Shannon, who knows Venezuela intimately. Could there be a Trump factor at work as Tillerson blows fire? One only hopes it can help bring pressure on the Chavistas, helpfully concentrating their minds as the giant protests swirl all around them. More…

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