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Venezuela issues at the G7 meeting

Friday, April 28, 2017

Blood spilled on the streets of Venezuela

 Naked, a young Venezuelan protested last week against Nicolás Maduro’s government while police shot him with rubber bullets. The image, picked up by the international press, took place in what resembled a warzone. Such scenes are however becoming routine. More than a week after “the mother of all marches” - in which government’s supporters and opponents clashed in the streets - the unrest continues, resulting, so far, in 29 deaths, 437 injuries and 1,289 arrests. The pattern is by now familiar. The opposition calls a demonstration. The march starts at the motorways around Caracas with the aim of reaching the centre of the city, which is controlled by the government. On their way, protesters encounter armed police and the violence erupts. Police shoot tear gas, water and rubber bullets, while demonstrators throw stones and put up barricades. Smoke and fire add to the turmoil. More…

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