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Venezuela issues at the G7 meeting

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Motorists line up for scarce petrol in oil-rich Venezuela

Long lines for petrol are usually scarce in Venezuela's capital city of Caracas, but they were evident on Wednesday as the country's main domestic producer struggled with distribution. Backlogs in meeting demand and payment delays to suppliers have meant that some shippers take weeks to deliver oil for state oil company, PDVSA. "I can't find 95 octane gasoline anywhere," Jose Paredes, in Caracas' wealthy Altamira district, told the Reuters news agency. "We're an oil-producing country! It's pathetic." PDVSA head, Ysmel Serrano, tweeted that problems with the internal shipping of products - which led to shortages in four of the country's 23 states - would be solved soon. More…

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