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Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Whistleblower Accuses Venezuela of Issuing Passports to Terrorists in CNN Interview

The revelations in CNN’s report are not new, though the whistleblower’s consistency in repeating his story is notable, and CNN received denials (and threats to have their journalists expelled from the country) from Venezuelan officials. In November 2015, Misael López Soto fled the Venezuelan embassy in Baghdad and posted a video to YouTube detailing how his officials requested he participate in a scheme to sell authentic documents to Mideast nationals. “I have made public how, under the complacent eye of diplomats in the mission [in Baghdad], local employees delivered visas, passports, birth certificates, and other types of Venezuelan documentation to citizens of Syria, Iraq, Palestine, and, in some cases, Pakistan,” he said in the video. López added that those who benefitted from the project could very well have ties to international terrorist organizations. More…

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